Here you will find a collection of articles that concern every aspect of the care for your horse or horses, starting with the living environment, up to the complex medical care that these majestic animals need.

Systematically, you will learn what living environment is best, what kind of nutrition and how often you have to administrate to your horse. Grooming your horse is an important task, because in a way you spoil it, thus gain its trust, but on the other hand it is a powerful process that lets you inspect for injuries or other affection that appear on the coat of your animal.

For horses, hoof care and shoeing is an important task, which requires attention and care from specialists, such as veterinarians or farriers. Further veterinarian care, such as vaccination prevents your horse from contracting common equine diseases. The internal parasite care is also an important step that keeps your animal healthy and fit. It is a simple process, which can be done without the intervention of a veterinarian or specialist.

The dental care is another important aspect for horse owners. These problems rise from an early age, when the animal transits from milk to permanent teeth. It needs a special attention because it can lead to bad habits and pain for the animal.

Lastly, the leg care of horses is another important chapter in the care these animals need. Because their feet are an important part of their body, which helps traction, they need to be protected with special boots or bandages.

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