Grooming Your Horse

Grooming Your HorseHorses usually have a healthier and more attractive look when their coats are groomed properly. The horse management handbooks propose grooming your horse daily, but this might look like an impossible task for the average modern horse owner. However, it is highly recommended to groom its coat before each ride, because in this way you avoid chafing and rubbing of dirt which can make the animal sore. Grooming is also a good way to monitor your horse for injuries and it certainly creates a special bond and trust between the owner and animal.

The basic grooming involves different steps. At first, you should use the round tool called curry, curry comb or currycomb. It has short teeth made of rubber and it stimulates the circulation and loosens the dirt. Next is the dandy brush, which is stiffer and removes the dirt and hair stirred by the curry. The body brush is finer and removes the fine particles of dirt and dust in the coat of your horse. At last, you use a grooming rag or towel to tuck the horse.

Horses with shorter hair need a mane brush, disposed with metal comb or wide toothed plastic. The tail of a horse can be groomed with dandy brush, body brush or regular human hairbrushes.

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The next step is to check the four feet of the horse for signs of injury or infection and properly clean them.

The winter and summer coats need special attention. The winter coat can be brushed with metal grooms, such as metal shedding blades with short and dull teeth. In the summer time it is best to use a fly spray on the coat of your animal.

When the coat of your horse is wet, you should use a metal or plastic tool called sweat or water scraper to remove the excessive liquid from the coat.

Sometimes, horses with longer hairs have their coat clipped with scissors or electric clippers. The cut areas are behind the ears, to help the bridle lay more neatly and the fetlocks, where dirt and mud usually create discomfort.

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