The Living Environment

The Living EnvironmentUsually, horses are kept outside, but have access to some kind of shelter, which protects them from wind, precipitations, other severe conditions or nights. They also need a special interior or exterior space to exercise and run. They must be fed adequately and have fresh water at all times.

For winter time, horses usually grow a special heavy hair coat, to protect them from the low temperatures and stay warm, but if kept inside at all times, in artificial environment, they might need to wear a special horse blanket, to keep them warm. For summer time, if kept outside, horses need to have a place to shelter against the rays of the sun.

Horse owners that do not have a private stable or land, have the option to rent a place in a private land or a space specially designed in a boarding farm. If the animal is not kept on a pasture, with access to fresh water, it has to be fed daily in two or three small amounts of grain, instead of just one large meal.

The horses kept in pastures have to have between one and three acres (approximately 12,000 m2) per animal. In addition, the grass has to have a certain dimension, as in spring and fall, when the grass is higher, it contains non-structural carbohydrates, such as fructans. This urges the horsekeepers to remove the horses from lush, to lower the risk of laminitis. In addition, a proper shelter needs to be built if the terrain does not contain a natural shelter with heavy trees.

The horses living in natural environments and grasslands have to have fences built properly to avoid accidents. The horses are animals that usually cover long distances and do not have artificial barriers. This is the reason to built only fences that do not present a danger for your animal.

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